Concrete Coring and Drilling in Dubai & UAE

We Provide best core cutting and drilling quality services in Dubai. Quick Fast Reliable and surrounding protection.

We provide 100% Clients satisfaction core cutting and drilling services in Dubai at your door step in minimum time with highly qualified and experienced certified team.

KBJAN has worked in the United Arab Emirates of latest construction projects and providing the best unique solutions to various services issues. KBJAN is committed to the highest standards of safety and working condition standards.

Our dedication to Safety and staff Training has been affiliated by the top Construction Industry in Dubai. We provide highly professional contracting services throughout Dubai.

we have built a name in the industry with our highly trained team and qualified operators successfully completing contracts with skillfully using the latest cutting edge equipment’s from USA and Taiwan.

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Saw Concrete Cutting  In DubaiConcrete Cutting With Saw

We provide a service of Saw Concrete Cutting  In Dubai,  We also provide core cutting service. We do work very quickly and our company workers are very hard working and they have many years of experience.

Our company rates are very low from the other services of concrete coring and cutters. We cut the concrete wall and concrete slab by using a Saw concrete cutter  and core cutting machine.

Concrete Coring Holes

The diameter of Coring Hole is given below.

Suppose a water pipe diameter is 3-inch then you need 4-inch core cutting in the slab.

If your water pipe diameter is 2-inch then you need 3-inch coring hole.

WC pipe diameter is 4-inch then we do 5-inch coring hole.Concrete Coring Holes

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