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Core Cutting Service

Core Cutting Services In Dubai

We Provide Service of Core Cutting, concrete coring holes in Dubai UAE. In Cheap Rates from the other core cutting service Provider. We do all categories holes in solid concrete. We also provide
service of beam cutting, beam holes and slab cutting, Slab Cutting Holes In All Over United Arab Emirates.

We do all categories coring holes in the concrete slab and concrete beam.

Small Coring Holes

we also do small round hole in the concrete .

For example core cutting serviceCore Cutting Services

  • 8-inch coring holes in slab and beam
  • 5-inch coring holes in slab and beam for the electrical DB cable
  • 7-inch concrete coring holes in concrete slab and beam
  • 3-inch coring holes in concrete slab for the w.c pipes or other
  • 9-inch concrete coring holes for the water pipes or other

Large Round Coring Holes

we also do large round hole in the concrete  wall Coring holes in Dubai .Core Cutting Services

For example core cutting service

  • 25-inch coring hole in the concrete slab or a side wall Concrete
  • 45-inch coring hole in the solid concrete slab

Straight Concrete Cutting:


We do straight cutting in the concrete slab with the cheap rate from other core cutting service providers. We cut the concrete slab in square or any dimension.

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